9 comments on “[UPDATED] How to disable Font Cache in SMPlayer (MPlayer) ?

  1. Thank you for information. This great article has truly hit the spot.

    I’ve bookmarked your website and will keep checking for new details about once a week.
    I subscribed to your Feed too.

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    • Hi, I’m really surprised that it didn’t worked for you. I’ve tested it on my own 3 PCs and 5 other PCs (Win XP/7 (32-bit/64-bit), and it’s still working with newest version of SMPlayer – after initial scan of fonts it does not scan any more, unless you install/uninstall font (or some software do it for you, like Adobe).

      I’ve read your post and you’re saying that you’re sure that it isn’t related to your software/config… I do not see where the problem may be otherwise.
      Please make sure that you’re Owner and have Full access to SYSTEM folders (especially C:\Windows\Fonts & C:\Users\Your_Username\.smplayer)

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  4. It didn’t work for me either. But i changed something in that .ini file:

    C:\\Windows\\Fonts\\Arial/arial.ttf instead of what you wrote, based on other paths written in the same .ini file. Seems to have done the job. Putting “\windows” would actually interpret the “\w” as a special character as in C++, and would simply be replaced with a null string.

    • Ok, you simply need to duplicate all “back slash” characters in paths: \\ instead of \

  5. You can also add a deny access to “System” from the “Properties/Security” tab. It will prevent your OS to rollback the above modifications.


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